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Wedding Jewellery Sets- Bridal Earrings, Colliers and Bangles

Want a stunning décolleté and eye-catching details besides your immaculate outlook? It is just one click away…GLAMIRA has combined its special pieces and given a birth to the wedding jewellery sets. Simply pick a collier, customize it with Swarovski or even with other precious gemstones, let it shine in the colour you want! As a second step, choose a pair of diamond drop earrings carrying petité pieces of stars or heavenly dusts in the form of diamonds. And in the last step, do not hesitate to run towards sun! The circles enlightened by the sparkles of sun are turned into

gold bangles

waiting to take on a personal character. When you combine all together to be a set and put them on, the upshot is voilà; you are ready to be the star of day, Juliet of your own love story.
Each piece you customize and combine will not shine only on the day of your marriage, but will have an afterglow even as the 50th wedding anniversary gifts. They are forged and crafted at GLAMIRA to become a part of your persona, announcing your existence -like your beauty or your perfume. Moreover, hues are in power to colour your selections. A pair of drop earrings, bangles or colliers can be tipped with any colour you want to imbue your wedding day. To sum up, each detail of each piece in the wedding sets from traditional to modern designs; from white and yellow to rose gold alloys; from sky blue to violet hues will obey your wishes and dreams.